Who Are The Top 7 Best Indoor Dogs?

Lowchen Dog

If you dwell in an apartment setting, or perhaps you don’t have the lavishness of a fenced yard or doesn’t have much outdoor area. In circumstances similar to this, it is vital to choose a canine that doesn’t care consuming … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Two-Legged Pooch Escapes Euthanasia (Video)

Puppy Pict: YT/USA TODAY

Watch video on next page ….. Deuce may seem like some other gorgeous puppy; however his tale is somewhat astonishing. This is a bipedal pooch that lately discovered a joyful abode with Ken Rogers and Melissa his wife, two implausible canine owners with … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Australia’s Top 7 Most Popular Dogs

Great Dane

As in Archaeological evidence conveys that our relationship with canines started over 14,000 years ago but the real origin of the nowadays domestic canine’s stay somewhat of a mystery. We all discern they went down from grey wolves, however with … [CLICK TO READ MORE]